Living Peacefully with Wildlife


Together, we can learn how to peacefully coexist with wild animals and support their natural habitats.

As more natural habitats like forests and deserts turn into buildings and roadways, wild animals are forced into smaller and more crowded spaces—including our own backyards. While we may see the presence of these animals as a nuisance, they are simply trying to survive.

There are a number of ways to live peacefully with wildlife: by driving safely, especially on country roads, by creating a more humane backyard and by avoiding conflict with local wildlife.

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Bear standing in a field of wildflowers and grass

Avoiding Conflict with Local Wildlife

Animal troubles in your neighbourhood? Bird feeders and unsecured pet food, garbage and grills may be bringing local wildlife to your back door.

A photo of a field of wildflowers with mountains in the background

Humane Backyards

A humane backyard gives wildlife a safe place to live free from pesticides, chemicals, free-roaming pets, inhumane practices (such as trapping) and other threats.

A photo of a group of deers standing in the snow

Driving Safely Protects Wildlife

Slow down! Plus six more ways to lower your risk of hitting an animal (and what to do if a collision occurs).