Companion Animals


Friends of Humane Society International is on a mission to improve the welfare of companion animals across the country and around the world. Our work is dedicated to ending the cruel dog meat trade, putting a stop to puppy mills, educating pet owners on responsible animal adoption, providing spay and neuter clinics, helping northern dogs in remote communities and more. We work in Canada and around the world with our global affiliates to rescue animals from situations of neglect and cruelty. We assist authorities in enforcing animal protection laws by providing expertise, funding and other resources to assist with mass animal rescue.

One of our biggest achievements is our Care and Rehabilitation Centre. This project is designed to rehabilitate severely traumatized animals rescued from situations of neglect and cruelty, including puppy mills and the dog meat trade.

Photo d’un chien d’une communauté des Premières nations

Sponsored veterinary clinics in remote First Nations communities.

Photo d’un chien sauvé du commerce de viande de chien

Dogs saved and rehabilitated from the Dog Meat Trade.

Photo de chiots enfermés dans des cages dans une usine à chiots

Dogs saved and rehabilitated from puppy mills.

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Photo du centre de soins et de réadaptation

Care and Rehabilitation Centre

Animals have been rescued from the dog meat trade, puppy mills and other situations of cruelty and neglect.
Photo d’un chien dans une cage

Dog Meat Trade

Friends of HSI has cared for hundreds of dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in Asia.
Photo d’un chien noir portant un harnais bleu enveloppé dans une couverture

Adoption Updates

Get an update on how some of the dogs treated at our care and rehabilitation centre are doing today.