Care and Rehabilitation Centre

3000+ rescued animals cared for by Friends of HSI since 2008.


Friends of Humane Society International has provided care and rehabilitation for thousands of animals rescued from puppy mills, the global dog meat trade, unethical sled dog operations and other situations of mass cruelty and neglect. 

Providing Critical Care for Rescued Dogs

Animals rescued from situations of mass cruelty and neglect have often endured a lifetime of deprivation and suffering and can bear considerable physical and emotional scars. They require specialized, supportive care to heal from their trauma and learn the skills they need to thrive in a loving home.

A photo of dogs in bags
A photo of the HSI Care and Rehabilitation Centre

The Friends of HSI care and rehabilitation centre is dedicated to this crucial work. The facility is situated on an 135-acre lot, surrounded by trees and fields, located in a beautiful, quiet area in Quebec. It is a calm and serene space, ideal for working with traumatized animals.

The dogs are housed in spacious individual rooms, each with windows overlooking the grounds. The building offers very large indoor play and rehabilitation rooms, vast outdoor dog runs, veterinary rooms, a dedicated grooming room, and extensive quarantine facilities. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art animal care and rehabilitation tools and accessories and the best techniques in positive reinforcement are used to ensure the animals get the help they need.

A photo of a dog on a leash snuffing the snow and the HSI Trauma Rehab Centre
A photo of a dog being pet by an FHSI employee

At the centre, animals in need receive extensive care and treatment from our dedicated team of professionals, including veterinary, behavioural, and other experienced animal care workers. Once a dog is ready for adoption, we work with an incredible network of placement partners to match them with loving homes.

Our Focus

Friends of HSI cares for the most abused and neglected animals in the world at the centre. We prioritize dogs saved by our global partners from the dog meat trade, law enforcement operations and disasters. 

Adoption Process FAQ’s

How can I adopt one of the dogs from a recent farm closure?

Dogs rescued from the dog meat trade and other situations of cruelty and neglect are first transported to our care and rehabilitation centre to assess and address any health or behavioural concerns. Once animals are ready for adoption, our shelter and rescue partners in Canada facilitate the adoption process. We have a network of shelter and rescue partners and they may not be the same for each farm closure or rescue mission. We ask that those interested in adoption contact the shelter and rescue partners directly to find out how to meet the dogs and apply to adopt.

Shutting down a dog meat farm and bringing the dogs to safety in compliance with local and international law is a huge undertaking that requires substantial funding, planning and coordination. Thank you for your patience!

Interested in Adopting?

If you are interested in opening up your home to a rescue dog, contact us for more information.

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