While just a puppy, Teddy had experienced some unthinkable atrocities on a dog meat farm in South Korea. He spent his entire life living in a barren cage eating food waste, kept alive only long enough to be slaughtered for dog meat. Malnourished, scared, and alone, Teddy faced a bleak reality. However, his life was about to take a positive turn. He was rescued alongside almost 200 other dogs and puppies from Farm 18, in Asan-si, Chungcheong province after HSI/Korea successfully shut down the farm. From South Korea, Teddy and many of his fellow rescued dogs, were sent to our care and rehabilitation centre in Canada to receive the specialized care they needed to heal from their past trauma. 

Teddy was so scared when he first arrived in Canada. He spent most of his days curled up against the window of his room at our care and rehabilitation centre. Our team spent a lot of time trying to help him get used to being around humans.  

In our centre, the kennels have windows that overlook the yard. This design allows dogs like Teddy to witness safe and positive interactions with humans. Teddy would often gaze out of the window, observing the playtime of other dogs brought into the yard. This provided him with a visual lesson in play and reassured him that everyone was there to care for and protect him. 

One of our staff members explained, “Lots of dogs that come to our shelter have never played before. We give them toys and they don’t know what to do with them. Teddy was the same—he was scared, but he did seem to like watching other dogs through his window.” 

As Teddy began to gain confidence watching the other dogs, he remained wary of people, but everything changed when he found his adoptive home. When Annabelle first met Teddy, she noticed his anxiety but also saw curiosity in his eyes. She shared, “With a little patience, he finally agreed to take food from my hand, and I was impressed by his courage and his willingness to trust humans again! I fell in love!” 

Shortly after their introduction, Annabelle brought him home. He had just undergone neuter surgery and wasn’t thrilled about wearing the cone. But after just a few days, Teddy treated her to her first kisses. He even started to do little happy dances when she would walk through the door.  


Teddy is now thriving in his new home, and his true personality is shining through, all thanks to the confidence that Annabelle and her family have helped him build. Teddy has made some furry friends now and enjoys long walks on the trails near their home, “especially when they’re covered in snow,” Annabelle adds. 

They are making sure Teddy experiences all the good things in life, and he’s getting absolutely spoiled by his new family. Recently, he even got to savor the delight of a Pupuccino during a car ride.  

Are you looking to welcome a furry friend into your family? Just like Teddy found his perfect home, our dedicated staff can help you find the ideal addition to your family. If you’re considering adoption, let us guide you through the process and connect you with a loving companion. Give a deserving dog a chance to experience the love and care that can change their life, just like Teddy’s life was transformed with patience and compassion. Reach out to us today!  

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