Jim spent the first few weeks of his life confined in a cramped and dirty cage. As a young puppy born and raised on a dog meat farm in South Korea, he had never known the love of a human and lacked the proper care and comfort. This is part of the grim reality for countless dogs trapped in the dog meat trade. But Jim’s life was about to take an amazing turn, as he was among the 200 dogs rescued from Farm 18 in South Korea, a facility that was closed in 2023, prior to the country’s announced ban on the dog meat trade.

Jim, named after the iconic character from The Office, arrived at our care and rehabilitation centre in August. At first, he was very timid and reserved, unsure of the world beyond his room. He preferred to observe other dogs through the window as they played in the yard and preferred to have his food set down to eat in solitude. Yet, with patience and care from our dedicated team, he slowly started to come out of his shell. Over time, he built trust in humans by accepting snacks from the hands of our team and he grew more confident with the outdoors. Living up to his name, his goofy side started coming out. Day by day, he became more playful and affectionate, craving the human connection he had never known. 

Within a few short months, Jim had become close with our entire team, following them around the centre to help them with their daily tasks. He became quite the celebrity and was photographed for our 2023 holiday cards. He also captured hearts on social media with his big smile and happy personality!  

In time, Jim found his forever home with a loving family who welcomed him with open arms. He found his happy ever after exploring the property and napping in his very own bed.


But his story didn’t end there. When his new human stumbled upon a lost dog in need, Jim wasted no time in befriending her. While this dog stayed at their home, Jim made sure she was comfortable. “They became the best of friends as soon as they saw each other.” Carole, his new mom, tells us. After being rescued himself, he became the one doing the rescuing. He took all his training from the centre and helped his new mom get her to safety. We’re so proud of Jim and his wonderful journey! 

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