Hazel (formerly known as Joy) has found her forever family! Her new parents decided to rename her Hazel because of her beautiful eye colour.

While she is now living the life she deserves, it didn’t start out that way. In Canada, huskies are often used in commercial sled dog operations. While the industry paints a glossy picture of how their animals are treated, the sad reality is that in unethical operations, sled dogs spend most of their time permanently tethered outside, without proper care.

Hazel was found in one of these facilities, deprived of enrichment, socialization and her most basic needs. Huskies in this situation experience profound mental distress and frustration, often pacing repetitively around their poles for hours every day.

Thankfully, Hazel was rescued by authorities and brought to our care and rehabilitation centre. We worked with her every day to help her gain confidence, trust humans and learn essential skills like walking on a leash and playing well with other dogs. Since huskies are high energy, supervised playgroups were an essential piece of Hazel’s rehabilitation. Burning that extra energy in play, Hazel became more focused during her behavioural therapy sessions.

Hazel found her forever home through our awesome placement partner, Mission Mayday. She is loving every minute of her new life with her amazing parents and fur siblings. 

Her adopter says she’s very quiet for a husky and that she loves her toys and treats. She loves to run around the backyard and sprint back to the house when she’s done burning that husky energy. We’re so happy for Hazel. She is now safe in her loving home.