Dogs found starving to death and resorting to cannibalism on South Korean dog farm will arrive in Canada to find homes

20 of the rescued dogs will receive urgent rehabilitation and care at Humane Society International/Canada’s emergency shelter near Montreal

Friends of Humane Society International

MONTREAL (18th December 2020) – Around 100 dogs in a shocking state of neglect have been rescued from an illegal dog farm in Gimpo, South Korea. Local Korean animal group, LIFE, with assistance from Humane Society International/Korea and regional officials, found poodles, Jindos, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Spitz, Schnauzers and more caged in deplorable conditions on a junk yard farm where they had been bred and sold for both the pet trade and the dog meat trade. In the coming weeks, about 20 of the rescued dogs will arrive in Canada to receive much needed medical and behavioral care at HSI/Canada and Friends of HSI’s emergency shelter near Montreal. A team of experts will assess their health, administer veterinary treatment and vaccinations, provide proper shelter, food and water and work to rehabilitate the dogs through positive reinforcement.

Many of the dogs were suffering from severe malnutrition as well as painful skin diseases due to living in filthy conditions. Sadly, some dogs resorted to cannibalism to survive, as their deceased cage mates were not being removed from the premises. More dead dogs were found stored in a disused freezer on the property.

Korean group, LIFE, negotiated with the farmer to permanently close his farm. The land will be redeveloped by the authorities now that the illegal dog farm has been shut down. Humane Society International, which has closed down 17 dog meat farms in the country, provided assistance to LIFE on the rescue day and is also helping them by providing shelter and emergency veterinary care for 40 of the dogs. The remaining dogs are being cared for by LIFE.

In-Seob Sim, president of LIFE, says: “This is a really shocking example of a common problem here in South Korea, where dogs are bred in the worst conditions to maximize profits. It’s time for South Korean society to impose controls on the breeding of dogs for sale. If we don’t find a solution, this kind of animal suffering will continue. Koreans who are upset to see the terrible suffering of these dogs, need to realise that it is society’s demand for pet shop puppies and dog meat that drives this kind of cruelty. If we can change our behaviour, we can change the fate of these dogs.”

The farmer had been illegally squatting on government land for more than 10 years, and even applied for compensation when the Gimpo city government announced the land was being seized for redevelopment. In the hope of getting more compensation, the farmer bred more dogs even though he couldn’t afford to feed them. Gyeonggi province officials are now investigating the farmer with a view to bringing animal cruelty and other charges.

Nara Kim, HSI/Korea’s campaign manager, says “When I first visited the dog farm, it was too shocking to take in what I was seeing. I have rescued thousands of dogs from many dog meat farms in South Korea, but this place was like hell. Many of the dogs were just skin and bones, and it was hard to find any ‘normal’ looking dogs because their bodies were so ravaged by starvation and skin disease. I was so afraid their fragile bones might break when I lifted them out of their cages, so I was just really slow and gentle. Hardly any of them had the energy to struggle anyway. We got there just in time for some, I don’t think they could have survived another day. I’m so happy that LIFE asked us to be a part of this rescue, it was such a relief to get these dogs out of that horrible place.”

Once some of the dogs in HSI/Korea’s care are well enough to travel, they will be flown to Canada for additional care and rehabilitation, before being adopted out to forever families.

Download photos and video of this rescue here.


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