Emergency Sheltering


Animals rescued from situations of cruelty and neglect need time and specialized care to recover. Friends of HSI helps injured, ill and traumatized animals to heal in the safety of our Canadian emergency shelters.

Over 600

Number of animals Friends of HSI has helped recover in our emergency shelters

Over 4000

Volunteer hours contributed at our emergency shelters last year


Rescue operations Friends of HSI has helped provide emergency sheltering for.

Our Work

When Friends of HSI and our global affiliates rescue animals from situations of cruelty and neglect, our work has just begun. Many of the animals have spent years in tiny, barren cages, denied the most basic of their needs. Some have never stood on solid ground before, eaten proper food, or been shown any kindness. With love, patience and incredible determination, our dedicated emergency shelter team helps these dogs to recover and learn to trust again so they can be adopted into forever homes.

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