Adoption Update: Aster

Rescue dog Aster with a toy he has destroyed.

Adoption update!  Meet the lovable, curious toy destroyer Aster. 
Aster was born on a dog meat farm in South Korea and he spent the first months of his life in a barren cage with multiple other dogs. They had no access to proper food and water and spent their lives inside a filthy cage.⁠ 
These atrocious conditions left a mark on Aster, who was shy and unsure of people when he arrived at our Trauma Rehabilitation Centre. Thanks to our team and a wonderful adoptive family, Aster is making amazing progress and has learned to live in the comfort of a home, surrounded by love!


Rescue dog Aster standing in a hallway.

Rescue dog Aster chewing on a toy.

Rescue dog Aster with a chew toy.