Adoption Process FAQ

How can I adopt one of the dogs from a recent farm closure?

Friends of Humane Society International

Nara Kim, campaign Manager for HSI Korea hugging a dog from a South Korean dog meat farm that has being shuttered.

The dogs we rescue from South Korea are transported to Shelter and Rescue Partners in Canada, the U.S. and, sometimes, the U.K., which then facilitate the adoptions after assessing and addressing any health or behavioural concerns. We have a network of Shelter and Rescue Partners and they may not be the same for each farm closure. Information on Shelter and Rescue Partners at which dogs were placed from our last dog meat farm closure is available here. We’ll be adding more Partners in Canada and the U.S. to this list in the coming weeks, and will replace this list for our next dog meat farm closure. We ask that those interested in adoption contact the Shelter and Rescue Partners directly to find out how to meet the dogs and apply to adopt.

Shutting down a dog meat farm and bringing the dogs to safety in compliance with local and international law is a huge undertaking that requires substantial funding, planning and coordination. Thank you for your patience!